Russian Railroads

Please see the Welcome! page for general tournament rules and guidelines. Specific rules for Russian Railroads can be found here, along with updates for the 2021 tournament.

Deadline will be November 30, 2021. Games should be ready to start by the first or second week of December.

The first round and the semifinal will use the basic Russian Railroads version on Yucata with no extras. For the final, there will be three games, one Russian, one German, one American. The top six qualifiers from the semifinal round will each play in two games. The top qualifier will choose one of the three versions to skip. The second qualifier will choose one of the two remaining versions to skip. The tables will therefore be set as described on the Welcome page.

Note – the following is subject to change based on player feedback between now and the end of November: If players tie in a game other than the final, then they both receive credit for the win (or second place, as applicable). In the final, the player who plays later on the last turn wins any tiebreaker. Depending on the feedback I receive, I may use the tiebreaker described for earlier rounds (not just the final). If so, I will state that clearly before the tournament begins.

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