Las Vegas

Update 6/6/2021 – standings after 23 of the 30 first-round games:

#Player name1st2nd3rd4thTotal
1Ubermolch3 1 3014
2PaterPortii22  2204
3Blueman7211 2114
4guinness4chris21 12103
5wildes2 112013
6lefty13  1304
7hgman121 1214
8Nancy7412 11203
9Fortiche1111 1113
10a44011  1102
11JaySpencer1 3 1034
12kgutermuth1 111012
13dgutermuth1 1 1012
14Bordgamer1 121012
15lonewolf701  11001
MonsoonX1  21001
rkircher1  21001
MDGatsby 211213
BruceMonnin 2  202
NoWorries 121123
twowoeds 12 123
Zombro 112112
efreeman 111112
OGRussHood 112111
Coyotek4 1 1101
dlandel  3 32
HotShot53  1111
AJLucky   10
Ardrummo   10
Olback   10
Top 15 advance to semifinal after all first-round games have been played.

Update 5/29/2021 – standings after 18 of the 30 first round games:

#Player name1st2nd3rd4thTotal
1PaterPortii21  2103
2guinness4chris21 12103
3Ubermolch2 1 2013
4lefty13  1304
5hgman12  1203
6Nancy7412 11203
7Blueman7111 1113
8Fortiche1111 1113
9a44011  1102
10JaySpencer1 2 1023
11wildes1 111012
12kgutermuth1 111012
13Bordgamer1 121012
14lonewolf701  11001
15rkircher1  11001
MDGatsby 2 1202
twowoeds 12 123
Zombro 112112
OGRussHood 111111
Coyotek4 1  101
NoWorries  2 21.9
dlandel  2 21.5
HotShot53  1110.9
efreeman  1110.7
AJLucky    0
Ardrummo   10
dgutermuth    0
MonsoonX   20
Olback   10
Top 15 advance to semifinal once all first round games have been played

This is the home page for the 2021 Boardgame Players Association “Play By Email” tournament for Las Vegas. It is open only to members of the Boardgame Players Association (BPA). If you attend the World Boardgaming Championships (WBC), and are up to date on your registration fees, then you are already a member. If not, you can purchase a “PBEM Membership” for $10 from this website: This tournament will award laurels and contribute to the annual Praetor and Caesar awards, all of which is tracked through that same website.

To register for the tournament, email me at with your Yucata user name.

GM: Jay Spencer

Assistant: Adam Hurd


Games will be 4-player or 5-player games whenever possible, using the free website Yucata.


  • 1st place finish: 1000 points plus (your score/second place score)
  • 2nd place finish: 100 points plus (your score/winning score)
  • 3rd place finish: 10 points plus (your score/winning score)

Advancement to the next stage will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Most points in current stage
  2. Total raw score in all games in current stage

The first in-game tiebreaker is number of bills. If a further tiebreaker is needed (to determine seeding or advancement), then the second tiebreaker will be most $90k bills, followed by most $80k bills, etc. If there is an exact tie, then the winner will be determined randomly if necessary.

Heat Stage: Everyone who joins the event will play in 4 or 5 asynchronous games, which will launch simultaneously. Players will be seated randomly. We will do our best to avoid putting people into multiple games together. If some players are in 4 games and some are in 5, a multiplier will be applied to ensure all players have an equivalent opportunity to qualify for the Semifinal Stage.

Semifinal Stage: The Semifinal Stage will consist of 50% (rounded down) of the number of entrants, rounded down to the next lowest multiple of 5. For example, with 27 participants, 10 will qualify for the Semifinal Stage. Players will be placed in 4 simultaneous asynchronous games. We will avoid giving anyone repeat opponents if possible. Seeding will be used for those winning at least three of their Heat Stage games such that those players will not play each other in the semifinal unless it cannot be avoided.

Final Stage: One single game will be played with the top five qualifiers. The next qualifier will place 6th for laurel purposes.

Pace of Play: Games are asynchronous, but the expectation is that you will check your games approximately daily or more frequently. Life happens and delays will occur, but be aware that the Yucata site removes any game in which a turn has not been taken in 30 days. Please do not sign up if you think you will not be able to keep up.


Games will be played exclusively on


Registration Opens: February 2021

Registration Closes: April 30, 2021

Heat Stage Begins: around first week of May 2021

Semifinals Begin: around a week after completion of last heat game (nominally July 2021)

Finals Begin: around a week after completion of last semifinal game (nominally September 2021)